Monday, December 3, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Over the last three weeks I have been BUSY! I have started a lot of different things in my classroom. My second grade kiddos are keeping up and I am so proud!

Here is just a list of some of the activities going on in our room:
1. Math Journals- I love reading the students explanation of why or how to do a problem
2. Writing- At my current school we teach a very specific English curriculum. The students are finally getting a chance to write. They are loving every minute!
3. Cursive- My kiddos are learning the basic cursive strokes. I see them doodling EVERYWHERE!
4. Math- 4 and 5 digit addition and subtraction! They are doing a wonderful job at learning this hard task.

This just SOME of the stuff keeping us busy. I can tell that they are excited for the holiday and I cannot wait either. Who doesn't want time off school to eat cookies and give presents?

As I am preparing for the holidays in my classroom I have decided to read The Mitten by Jan Brett. I know that this book is challenging for some of the students but I believe that they will be engaged. I have created several worksheets to accompany this lesson and you can purchase them by clicking under the picture below! I can't wait to see how my students react to this amazing story. (I may just have to print the worksheets in red and green as well!) How are you celebrating and teaching Christmas in your room?

Click HERE to purchase your copy for $1.50 today!

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