Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coming Soon: Short Vowels

Over my two week long Christmas Break, I was fortunate to be able to babysit my adorable nephew! He is now 4 months old and acts older. He spent his days playing in his saucer and even trying to hold his own bottle. He was enjoying spending time watching tv and even got upset with me when I accidentally blocked his view. He is turning into quite the character, and I must admit that it was a pleasure spending time alone with him and bonding. He has been working on rolling and even is starting to laugh and giggle. It was an honor to babysit even though I was named Crazy Aunt Krystal.

On the flipside, once my sweet little nephew tuckered himself out from playing, giggling and watching the world, I was able to watch him take a nice cozy nap and get some work down. I began working on a new unit. So far in my class we have focused a lot on vowels in our phonetic work. I decided why not make a vowel unit... I started with the easiest.... SHORT vowels.

With hope this Short Vowel Unit is going to part of a larger vowel unit that will become available for sale on my TPT Store. I am not quite finished with this unit but until then here is a sneak peek of what the unit will contain:

I have made two games, a center activity, one worksheet, and fluency practice with short vowels.  Keep an eye out for this unit to be finished... that is if I stop tackling 15 projects a day ( i.e., getting two weeks ahead on lesson plans, a diet, reorganizing my organized closet, and even redoing my classroom library... pics to come soon).

Oh and in case I forgot... I am now wearing a ring that holds the promise of marriage to the most wonderful man... no NOT an engagement ring.... well not yet. 

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