Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life Under the Big Top

Over the last few days I have realized that my life has become a large balancing act. I feel as though I am preforming show after show under the Big Top. Here are some of the acts I have been preforming:
1. BLOG CONSTRUCTION: As you can see I have decided to makeover my blog. I still need to create a new button and make a couple of tweaks and I am not sure if I like it or not... all feedback is welcome!

2. COMING SOON: Totally Time!

I am working on a new unit for my TPT Store on Time. I am supposed to be working on more phonics units for my megapack but that can wait... I was inspired by another act I am preforming.

3. LESSON PLANS: We are in our 20th week of school and I am trying to stay ahead as much as possible. How? By lesson planning as much as possible.. I currently have reading and math  completed to the end of February. I keep telling myself that I am already half way done the year with them and the more I can get done at a time the better! (I will let you know how my progress is) Why am I doing this you ask? That takes me to my last act...

4. STARTING SOON: Graduate School! I got accepted to Walden University for my Masters of Science and I cannot wait! However, that means I need to do as much as possible and NOW.

As for now my Big Top is closed and I am going to shower and go to sleep.

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