Thursday, January 5, 2012

Now Featuring: Short Vowel Unit

35 pages of short vowel practice and assessment! I have finally put the finishing touches on my short vowel unit. Even though my students are already pretty great with short vowels I cannot wait to use some of these activities with them throughout the rest of the year to review.

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Unfortunately, my blog post for tonight is advertising and no cute pictures of my nephew. Hopefully, next time I will have a picture of two of my newly revamped classroom library and perhaps even a preview of the long vowel unit I intend on making. (Depends on how much of a balancing act my life becomes!) 

I am off to get a wonderful night of sleep before FRIDAY and Chick-fil-a Lunch. What motivates you through the week? Me, it's eating Chick-fil-a with my kiddos on Friday. Doesn't take much! 

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